Technology and Innovation

Since 1940, Michael Baker International has built its global legacy – and full continuum of solutions – on a diverse culture of innovation.

Solving our clients’ most complex challenges often requires new ideas, new processes, new technologies – new solutions where none existed previously. Our success always has drawn on the collaborative creativity of our dedicated employees, who leverage our diverse backgrounds, expertise, experience and can-do attitudes to make the communities we serve safer, more accessible, more environmentally sustainable, and more livable.

The result: a growing portfolio of exclusive innovations at Michael Baker that add significant dimension and value to our ability to deliver our full continuum of solutions. Michael Baker innovations – and the innovators behind them – serve as game-changing differentiators in the industry and demonstrate once again how We Make a Difference for our clients and the communities we serve.

To learn more about some of the unique innovations being developed by Michael Baker innovators and how we’re using these new tools to support a wide range of client solutions, click on the links below. As we develop and commercialize new innovations, we’ll continue to post them here.

  • A suite of products and services to support the NG9-1-1 call-routing environment
  • datamark_mb-logo.png
  • Michael Baker International's DataMark suite of software solutions and services support public safety answering points (PSAPs) and their GIS stakeholders in this mission critical transition. DataMark solves upgrade challenges, helps improve public-safety communications and ensures the data meets the precise NG9-1-1 requirements.

    The software considers all aspects of the data that is provisioned to a NG9-1-1 system (data creation, clean up, quality and maintenance workflows). With extensive expertise in GIS and public safety, Michael Baker can help GIS departments determine what they need to do in order to support NG9-1-1.
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  • GIS-based mobile app for managing infrastructure assets
  • M-ICAP-new-logo-2.png
  • Michael Baker International engineers created a mobile phone-based computer software platform, MICAP (Mobile Infraction Capture) to collect and analyze data and images over broad geographic areas to help monitor utility equipment for changes and compliance problems.

    The GIS-based MICAP platform provides access to licensed data, as well as the collection and analysis of new data and images, delivering an improved workflow interface for managing assessments, repairs, and geographic changes to infrastructure assets. It is designed for state agencies, municipalities, utility companies, land developers and other engineering firms that need to effectively monitor and manage utility poles, underground cables, utility pipelines, bridges, runway infrastructure and other assets.

    MICAP is free and available via the App Store and Google Play.
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  • Local watershed assessment at the push of a button
  • iwatr-logo.png
  • iWATR (Integrated Watershed Assessment Tool for Restoration) is a mobile app-based innovation developed by Michael Baker International’s water services team to add speed, capability – and value ΜΆ to provide an easy-to-use assessment tool for any city, county or state planner across the U.S. to develop or better manage local land.

    The app combines GPS features and data from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and other government sources, to compile local data at the push of a few buttons. It tabulates a comprehensive assessment, and provides several solution options with cost estimates to solve specific water quality-impairment problems in watershed areas.

    The iWATR app is free and available via the App Store and Google Play.
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  • Analyzing bridge data with ease
  • iusbridges-jointlogo_small-(2).png
  • iUSBridges, is a geographic information system (GIS)-based app that allows users to locate nearby bridges, explore details of those bridges, save information on favorite bridges, and share feedback. iUSBridges uses data retrieved from the Federal Highway Administration’s (FHWA) National Bridge Inventory. State departments of transportation provide updated bridge information on a cyclical basis to the FHWA.

    Michael Baker International designed the application for engineers, department of transportation officials, politicians and hobbyists and is free through the App Store. A professional edition is also available.
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