Contract Number: GS-00F-0032M
Contract Title: GSA Professional Services Schedule Contract
Contract Period: February 1, 2002 through January 31, 2022

The Professional Services Schedule (PSS) was developed by the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) to consolidate individual Schedule Contracts for professional services under a single contract vehicle to reduce administrative time and costs.  Through the PSS Program, customers can issue a single purchase order to obtain a variety of services using pre-negotiated pricing, terms and conditions.
The PSS Contract is particularly appealing to federal agencies when procuring requirements and services that fall under various functional domains.  For example, a federal agency can use the PSS to issue a task order to Michael Baker to perform a requirement that includes services that fall within the scope of multiple GSA Schedules.
Services available through the GSA are identified by Special Item Numbers (SINs). Under the PSS Program, the GSA has entered into a contract with Michael Baker that any federal agency (and State and local governments under cooperative purchasing agreements) can procure services in the following areas; additional information and service area points of contact can be obtained by clicking on the links under Services Description below:

SERVICES DESCRIPTIONS under Michael Baker's pss schedule contract:

Professional Engineering Services (PES)

  • GSA Schedule Number: 871
  • PSS Special Item Numbers (SINs): 871 Series
  • PSS General Services Description: Professional Engineering Services

Mission Oriented Business Integrated Services (MOBIS)

  • GSA Schedule Number: 874
  • PSS Special Item Numbers (SINs): 874 Series
  • PSS General Services Description: Mission Oriented Business Integrated Services

Environmental Services

  • GSA Schedule Number: 899
  • PSS Special Item Numbers (SINs): 899 Series
  • PSS General Services Description: Environmental Services, Studies and Analytical Support

Energy Management Services

  • GSA Schedule Number: 03FAC
  • PSS Special Item Numbers (SINs): C871-202 and C207
  • PSS Services Description: Energy Management and Audit Services
Note:  SINs C871-202 and C871-207 may not be used as stand-alone SINs on Michael Baker’s PSS Contract.  They may only be used as ancillary to the other SINs under the contract.

Information Technology Services

  • GSA Schedule Number: 70
  • PSS Special Item Number: C132-51 (includes all of the services listed below)
  • PSS Services Description: Information Technology (IT) Services
  • IT Facility Operation and Maintenance Services
    IT Systems Development Services
    IT Systems Analysis Services
    IT Systems Design and Integration Services
    IT Programming Services
    IT Backup and Security Services
    IT Data Conversion Services
    Computer-Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAD/CAM)
    Other IT Telecommunications Services
Note:  SIN C132-51 may not be used as a stand-alone SIN on Michael Baker’s PSS Contract.  It may only be used as ancillary to the other SINs under the contract.
Extensive information on the GSA Schedules is available at the following sites:
www.gsa.gov – GSA’s Home Site for all GSA Schedule Contracts
www.gsaadvantage.gov – GSA’s Ordering Site
www.gsaelibrary.gsa.gov – GSA’s library of all GSA Schedule Contracts
https://www.gsa.gov/acquisition/products-services/professional-services/professional-services-schedule-pss - GSA’s Specific Professional Services Schedule (PSS) site


Terry McAllister, CSCM
Contract Administration Manager
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