Michael Baker International Launches iWATR® Water Quality Assessment Technology Tool

Location: Pittsburg, PA
Date: August 6, 2014

​Michael Baker International has launched the iWATR® technology tool. The first of its kind website (www.iwatr.com) is now available nationwide, to allow public agencies, developers, stormwater quality practitioners, and others interested in watershed restoration and water quality improvement to perform a comprehensive water quality assessment at identified locations, for a variety of land uses. iWATR® enables users to evaluate potential solutions using a geographic map interface to identify receiving waters, potential impairments, site constraints, and the feasibility of stormwater harvest and use. The iWATR® website yields conceptual designs including type, size, and the approximate cost to address a pollutant risk for a selected location and land use.

“iWATR® integrates the very latest watershed data with the experience and expertise of over 100 Michael Baker International Surface Water engineers and water quality experts, to provide the user with implementable concepts to improve water quality in their local watershed,” indicated Anna Lantin, National Water Quality Practice Lead for Michael Baker International. “Our free mobile app for Apple iOS products will be available soon and will enable users to take iWATR® into the field.”

The importance of water and water quality has become a heightened global concern as human populations grow, urbanization activities expand, and climate change threatens. The adoption of the federal Clean Water Act and the related environmental regulations imposed on Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4s), construction sites and industrial activities ensures that water quality mitigation measures, or Best Management Practices (BMPs), must be pursued and implemented. Michael Baker International developed the iWATR® tool to assist the public in identifying watershed issues and to provide implementable concepts to improve water quality.

About iWATR®
iWATR®, integrated Watershed Assessment Tool for Restoration, is a unique science-based assessment tool, developed by professional engineers using state-of-the-art geographic mapping technology, to provide information on water quality in each watershed across the United States. It was specifically designed to assist anyone interested in seeking water quality information to be able to find it and use that information to determine issues and develop concepts on how to improve water quality in that region. The tool provides simple steps and concepts based on complex calculations relating land use, soil characteristics, rainfall information, pollution risk, and engineering solutions. The tool provides easy access to information on over 130,000 watersheds, 170,000 impaired waters, and hundreds of millions of publicly available data throughout the United States through map-based technology tools. Learn more at www.iwatr.com and coming soon to the iTunes store.

About Michael Baker International, LLC
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Contact: Mark A. Miller