Currie Landfill Investigation and Remediation Design

Location: Millcreek Township, PA

In 2011, PADEP launched an $8.8 million project to clean up the 32-acre Currie Landfill site. The former wetlands site, which had been filled in with municipal and industrial waste during the 1950s, had groundwater, surface water, and sediment contamination. A waste layer estimated between 6 and 12 feet thick contained vinyl chloride, lead, cadmium and other contaminants, some having migrated to the West Branch of Cascade Creek. The goal of the state-funded cleanup was to transition the property into a useful, sustainable resource for recreational and commercial use. To effectively meet this ambitious goal, Michael Baker International performed a comprehensive site investigation to characterize the nature and extent of contaminants; developed complex, interwoven remediation and reconstruction designs that incorporated numerous innovative and sustainable features, including a sloped, vegetated soil cover to control waste, riparian buffers, and constructed wetlands; and developed stormwater controls to minimize erosion and extend the life of the soil cover. During construction, Michael Baker established a web-based repository to transmit, store, and share documents generated by all project stakeholders. This modern technology greatly enhanced the speed and precision of information delivery, allowing stakeholders to accurately relay the project.

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