Lancashire #15 Acid Mine Drainage Treatment Facility Design

Location: Barr Township, PA

The project included construction of an 11-million-gallon-per-day acid mine drainage treatment plant to treat water from a vast and highly acidic mine pool that historically has caused massive fish kills during breakout conditions. The completed project, now in the construction phase, will replace old and primitive mine water treatment plants inherited and presently being operated. The high-quality effluent to be produced by the new treatment works will be discharged as an inter-basin transfer to the West Branch of the Susquehanna River, where it is critically needed for low-flow augmentation due to agricultural abstractions during late summer. Michael Baker International conducted baseline field investigations, which included delineation and characterization of wetlands, a geotechnical boring program with foundation recommendations, topographic and property surveys, hydraulic modeling of the effluent in the receiving stream, routing of electrical power, mine pool investigations, and bench-scale treatability studies. Michael Baker then design the facility; developed comprehensive drawings, technical specifications, and an erosion and sedimentation control plan; and prepared permit applications and a construction cost estimate for the treatment facility and associated infrastructure.

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