Newtown Creek Water Pollution Control Plant

Location: New York, NY

Michael Baker International is providing construction management services as part of a tri-venture team for the $3 billion, 10-year upgrade of the Newtown Creek Water Pollution Control Plant. The upgrade is part of a multiyear, multimillion dollar capital improvement program for the wastewater treatment plant that is intended to increase the plant's current operating capacity by 50 percent and ensure that the facility complies with Clean Water Act treatment standards. The plant is located on a 53-acre site and is the largest of the 14 wastewater treatment facilities within New York City. It processes approximately 310 million gallons of wastewater per day from the boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn. Construction includes the erection of eight 3-million-gallon carbon steel egg-shaped digesters and two 2.4-million-gallon steel sludge storage tanks. The three-phase upgrade encompasses a total of 15 construction contracts, many of which are being performed concurrently.

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