U.S. - Mexico Border Fence

Location: U.S. - Mexico Border

With the passage of the Secure Fence Act of 2006, Congress mandated the construction of a border fence and associated lighting, vehicle barriers, and checkpoints at the Mexican border. This highly visible initiative placed pressure on Fort Worth District to rapidly plan and execute three separate initiatives: the planning, design, and construction of 225 miles of border fence (PF 225), 300 miles of vehicle fence (VF 300), and 70 miles of expedited military construction of anti-personal barrier (P70) at various locations in Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, and California. Together, the initiatives represented the largest single CBP tactical infrastructure project in U.S. history. Because these initiatives took place concurrently, Michael Baker performed a series of design, construction, and program management projects under a compressed schedule. As part of the P70, PF 225, and VF 300 programs, Michael Baker worked hand-in-hand with client construction and project management staff from the Los Angeles, Albuquerque, Galveston, and Fort Worth Districts – in some cases as augmented staff – to execute in excess of 50 border infrastructure projects. Michael Baker evaluated contractor submittals; provided extensive review of designs, calculations, and other technical data submitted by a wide range of designers and design-build contractors; and provided technical oversight and construction surveillance for those portions of border infrastructure constructed by military units and commercial contractors.

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