ARCYBER Headquarters Facility

Location: Fort Gordon, GA

Michael Baker International provided cost estimating services for the ARCYBER Headquarters facility charrette report, 15% Code 3, 35% design, 65% design, 95% design and 100% design submissions. Cost estimates were prepared by Certified Cost Professionals (CCPs) using both PACES® and MII® software. The project was subdivided into two wings, PN85811 and PN85818, which were priced concurrently. Work was performed as a subcontractor to Black & Veatch. When compared to the contract award amount, PMSI’s final cost estimate exceeded 97% accuracy.

USACE South Atlantic Division, Savannah District, in conjunction with RSFO, is constructing a non-standard Command and Control Facility (C2F) to the ARCYBER Command/Joint Forces Headquarters at Fort Gordon. The facility, composed of two wings, will support the planning, coordination, integration, execution and synchronization of all Army and unified land operations supported networks. The entire project will be constructed to SCIF standards in full compliance with intelligence directives. In addition, the facility provides an Operations Center (OC), Specialized Technical Operations (STO) area, and Special Access Program (SAP) area. Supporting areas include a central energy plant, redundant mechanical/electrical systems, intrusion detection systems, closed circuit television, energy monitoring control systems and anti-terrorism force protection. Site development will include utilities, connections, lighting, paving, privately owned vehicle parking, walks, curbs, gutters, drainage, signage and landscaping.

The construction contract was awarded in August 2016 with completion scheduled for 2018 with LEED-NC Silver certification.

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