Michael Baker International provides a high level of expertise and experience, as well as a full continuum of services across the energy marketplace, from oil and gas facility and pipeline services to alternative and renewable energy project support and state-of-the-art innovations focused on wind, solar, geothermal and other sustainable energy.

Energy experts serve local, national and international marketplaces with services addressing complex engineering, planning and construction solutions for clients and the people they serve with light, energy, power, heat, cooling, fuel and the many essential efficiencies that energy provides to the world.

Oil & Gas

Since 1940, Michael Baker International’s multidisciplinary teams have successfully delivered exceptional services to oil and gas industry clients. From the design of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System to the administration of the National Pipeline Mapping System, Michael Baker International has a long tradition of leadership in the oil and gas industry. Today, Michael Baker is involved in pipeline projects to move gas from Alaska’s North Slope, as well as projects that meet the complete engineering and construction needs of producers and midstream operators in the Lower-48 shale basins.

Michael Baker drives success in the global oil and gas marketplace through a client-focused project delivery system, genuine respect for the environment and strict compliance with regulatory codes and laws, and the development of innovative and targeted solutions that are reliable, effective and tailored to the client's particular project needs, schedule and budget.


Related Services:

  • Construction Management and Inspection
  • Environmental Field Services and Remediation
  • Feasibility and Front End Engineering and Design (FEED) Studies
  • FERC Certification and Environmental Permitting
  • Gas Well Site Development and Permitting
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • GIS and Data Management
  • Operations and Maintenance Support
  • Pipeline and Facility Design
  • Program/Project Management
  • Regulatory Consulting
  • Surveying and Mapping

Renewable Energy

Michael Baker International is a leader in renewable energy project siting and development, with a diverse range of experience developing site infrastructure for renewable energy projects related to wind, solar, geothermal, hydropower and energy transmission. Michael Baker plays a significant role in assisting stakeholders in the renewable energy market with environmental permitting, site feasibility, project entitlement, land surveying, engineering, construction support and other related services. The company's full-service in-house capabilities provide clients with teams that understand the “big picture” and manage all project needs seamlessly.

With more than 75 years of service for local, county, state and federal clients, Michael Baker has developed strong inter-agency relationships to quickly filter viable projects and guide clients through the complex permitting processes. Since 2007, Michael Baker has invested its resources in the renewable energy development market sector and continues to expand its capabilities and expertise through strategic hiring, lateral relationships and maintaining a strong presence among key industry developers and oversight agencies.



Related Services:

  • Community Outreach
  • Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) Support
  • Entitlement Processing
  • Land Surveying | Laser Scanning for Rooftop Audits of Photovoltaic Projects
  • Project Development
  • Regulatory Permitting
  • Site Design

Representative Projects

  • Adobe Solar, Arvin, California, 20 MW on 160 acres
  • AP North Lake Solar, Hemet, California, 20 MW on 140 acres
  • Avenal Solar, San Diego County, California
  • Barren Ridge Solar, Mojave, California, 62 MW on 400 acres
  • Big Horn Solar, San Diego County, California
  • Catalina 1 Solar, Kern County, California, 140 MW on 1,100 acres
  • Catalina 2 Solar, Kern County, California, 18 MW on 160 acres
  • Desert Greens Solar, Borrego Springs, California
  • Eurus Energy Borrego Springs, San Diego County, 350 acres
  • Gildred Solar, Borrego Springs, California
  • Lancaster Dry Farm Ranch, Lancaster, California, 5 MW on 37 acres
  • Lost Hills Solar, Kern County, California, 20 MW on 200 acres
  • Moapa Solar Energy Center, Clark County, Nevada, 200 MW on 850 acres
  • Ocotillo Wells Solar Farm, San Diego County, California, 500 acres
  • Orion Solar, Arvin, California, 20 MW on 200 acres
  • Palmdale East Solar, Palmdale, California, 10 MW on 80 acres
  • Photovoltaic Roof Tops Laser Scanning, BP Solar, 34 Industrial Rooftops in Southern California
  • Photovoltaic Site Due Diligence & CUP Support, 35+ sites in CA, CO, NM and NV
  • Pumpjack Solar, Kern County, California, 20 MW on 160 acres
  • Rodeo Solar, Lancaster, California, 3 MW on 30 acres
  • Sol Focus, San Diego County, California
  • Summer Solar, Lancaster, California, 6 MW on 58 acres
  • Valley Center Solar, San Diego County
  • Vega Solar, Los Banos, California, 20 MW on 175 acres
  • Venable Solar, California, 3 MW on 19 acres
  • Westlands Solar, Huron, California, 20 MW on 100 acres
  • Wildwood Solar, Kern County, California, 20 MW on 160 acres
  • Zuni Solar, Apple Valley, California, 3 MW on 20 acres