Alaska Stand Alone Gas Pipeline

Location: Alaska

Michael Baker International was selected in 2009 to manage preliminary engineering for an in-state gas pipeline from the North Slope of Alaska to the South Central region, with service to Fairbanks in the Interior region. Michael Baker evaluated the proposed pipeline route via the state's two highway systems using a GIS-based analysis. Michael Baker's work included preliminary engineering and supporting the state and federal right-of-way applications. In 2010, the State of Alaska created the Alaska Gasline Development Corporation (AGDC). Michael Baker conducted hydrological, geotechnical, and engineering reconnaissance and continued to progress the design basis, alignment, and special design areas, while collaborating with AGDC to advance compliance plans, environmental impact statement, and acquisition of federal and state permits.

The project changed in 2013 to a 737-mile long, 36-inch-diameter natural gas (mostly methane) pipeline with an initial natural gas flow rate of up to 500 Million standard cubic feet per day. The Fairbanks Lateral is a 30-mile long, 12-inch diameter pipeline that ties into the mainline west of Fairbanks. The project concept change, from 24-inch to 36-inch diameter and to mostly methane with some propane gas, required revisions to the design basis and examination of the alignment and stream, road, railroad, and utility crossing method assumptions. It also affected assumptions about special design areas.

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