Bikeways Web Mapping Application

Location: Santa Clara, CA

Michael Baker International provided geospatial services to create a Central Park Bicycle and Pedestrian Access Study for the City of Santa Clara. As part of this project, Michael Baker created a web map and mobile mapping application showing existing bikeways throughout the City. The City was so thrilled with this site that they contracted Michael Baker to develop an expanded GIS web map showing the existing bicycle network for the entire City. The online mapping functionality allows users to view all bikeways within the City in a browser app environment that is compatible with both desktop and mobile devices. Bike routes and trails were given “ability classifications” of Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced based on the rider’s skill. This allowed users the ability to view and calculate a route that favors each user’s personal classification. Additionally, users have the ability to identify route specific information for each route. Michael Baker provided the ability for users to “crowdsource,” or upload comments and media, such as photos and videos to bicycle routes and facilities in the web map. Bicycle routes were drawn to the accuracy of the existing facilities on the ground and all existing trails throughout the City. Additionally, information such as schools, bridges, light rail stations, green bike lanes, bike boxes, special intersection transitions, left hand side bike lanes, and other bike specific locations were converted to GIS and area shown on the web map. The site utilized the power of ESRI’s ArcGIS Server application and put the complete mapping online so that users were assured to have the most comprehensive, complete and current data available. The site is available from the Internet and requires only a web browser and internet connection to access. Features include zooming and panning throughout the region as well as a project specific plot function for generating custom maps directly from the site.

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