National Broadband Data Review

Location: Federal Communications Commission

Michael Baker International is contracted with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to perform the State Broadband Initiative (SBI) data corroborative assessments. The contract is for one year and four option years, ending in 2015. The corroborative assessments are based upon the results from comparing the SBI data to five other broadband data sets. The system to perform the comparisons required custom database design, and custom application development. The broadband data comparisons are performed within PostgreSQL using custom C#/SQL tools developed specifically for this project. These tools are able to run eight parallel comparison processes at a time, and allow for queuing lists of States for each parallel process. These tools provide a stable and efficient environment for the data comparison processes which are run twice each year and produce 1 billion new records with each run. The corroborative assessment reports present the level of corroboration between the SBI data and the comparison data sets at National and State level geographies. The match rate for each of the six broadband attributes used in the comparisons is presented for each geography. Assessments also include views of the comparison results that show the distribution of matched and un-matched records by broadband technology code and speed tier. The data presentations in the corroborative assessments support identification of data anomalies which prompt further investigation and discussion. The reports also include statistical measures of the process to evaluate how well the process is working and to monitor for changes in the data sets which affect the results of the process.

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