Online Stormwater GIS & Database

Location: San Bernardino County, CA

Michael Baker International designed a state-of-the-art GIS based interactive mapping site and database application for the ongoing and real-time monitoring of stormwater facilities and permit compliance. Michael Baker has worked with the County of San Bernardino for several years and developed this online mapping tool to streamline their business process and provide instant access to their vital geographic and database information. This project involved the creation of a database to support facilities management and environmental permitting; as well as development of an online interactive mapping application site. The data was collected from many sources. Data is posted to the website and maintained on a regular basis. The site is available to the public as well as the County and other stakeholders so that at any time users can access and review the status of a given facility as well as maintenance activities, construction drawings, and environmental attributes to improve stormwater quality within San Bernardino County. The website located at features a clickable project site map that can bring up specific forms for collecting the data and maps of County facilities. The website user has the ability to select a facility on the map and the mapping tool will bring up the scanned as-built drawing and other supporting information. The website also allows feedback from consultant engineers to provide direct input with project submittals affect the County permit.

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