Central Command Air Force Construction Management Assistance

Location: Al Dhafra Airport, U.A.E.; Kandahar Air Base, Afghanistan; Shahbaz Air Base, Pakistan

Michael Baker International was awarded a task order through the United States Army Corps of Engineers, Transatlantic Program Center (CETAC), to provide Title II Construction Phase services at several Central Command Air Force (CENTAF) locations including, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the United Arab Emirates. The Title II services included construction management services for various quality assurance and construction inspection tasks for the aircraft parking apron project at Al Dhafra Air Base, United Arab Emirates; the runway repair projects at Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan; and the runway repair projects at Shahbaz Air Base, Jacobabad, Pakistan. Michael Baker International’s construction management professionals coordinated work with airfield and contractor personnel while providing on–site quality assurance construction inspection of activities related to the construction of airfield paving. Michael Baker International performed troubleshooting of paving and material problems and provided recommendations regarding proper methodologies and practices. Michael Baker International was responsible for inspections of the contractor’s paving equipment, batch plant equipment setup, and overall operations. Michael Baker International assisted with the quality assurance testing of materials and documentation and oversaw quality control testing for contract compliance. Michael Baker International also verified stockpile material quality for contract compliance and prepared daily quality assurance activity reports. Michael Baker International reviewed and recommended approval or disapproval of deviations in asphalt job mix formulas and PCC mixture proportions.