Sustainment Center of Excellence

Location: Fort Lee, VA

This new, four-story, 220,000 square foot building is a centerpiece of a major buildup at Fort Lee, and provides high quality, commercial-style office and conference space. Michael Baker International’s role included planning, architecture, interior design, and landscape architecture. The building elevation is composed of two-and three-story brick elements that frame the four-story precast structure with linear fenestrations that define the primary office areas and entrance design. Sunscreens are provided on the curved elevation to limit a south and southwest sun exposure, with the curvature extending beyond the end of the building to provide screening for service areas and a visual termination of the building. The two main entrances of the building are centrally located along the north and east facades, creating a symmetrical appearance. The main entrances continue through the building, connecting lobbies to the main circulation corridor. This corridor provides direct access to all of the building’s primary areas. The interior of the building presents a high tech, professional, attractive appearance and contributes to a high work ethic and a positive attitude.

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