U.S. Coast Guard - Underwater Waterfront Inspection & Load Capacity Analysis

Location: Baltimore, MD

Michael Baker International coordinated a cursory structural integrity assessment and cradle-load capacity analysis of U.S. Coast Guard YARD bulkhead at Pier 1 and the east bulkhead. Founded in 1899, the YARD is used to maintain and repair U.S. Coast Guard vessels. It is the U.S. Coast Guard's only shipbuilding installation and is therefore mission-critical. The bulkhead evaluation was necessary to identify major elements requiring repair or replacement and meet federal requirements for the support of ship cradles and foundation certification. In particular, the client desired to achieve formal bulkhead structure certification to accommodate cradle loads supporting 110-foot and 87-foot cutters lifted from the water and placed on the bulkhead for maintenance and repair. The project involved background research, limited field investigation, underwater inspection, evaluation of pier and bulkhead structural capacity to support cradle loads, development of load restriction criteria and positioning options, and final report preparation.

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