Risk MAP Production & Technical Services

Location: FEMA Headquarters & Regions III, IV, VI, VIII, and IX

As managing member of a limited-liability corporation (LLC), Michael Baker International is providing program management and engineering production and technical services for Risk MAP (Risk Mapping, Assessment and Planning) for FEMA Headquarters and Regions III, IV, VI, VIII, and IX to support the FEMA Risk MAP Program. We are executing Risk MAP to increase public awareness that leads to action and a more resilient Nation. We are accomplishing this by leveraging our experience and technical competencies to manage, produce, and deliver high-quality products to the FEMA Regions within cost and on schedule. We developed flood risk information in English, Spanish, Vietnamese, and Haitian Creole increasing awareness and encouraging action.

We have developed new and updated riverine hydrology and hydraulics for communities in Regions III, IV, VI, VIII, and IX. We are also developing new coastal flood hazard data for the southeast and California coast. This work included the creation of a super computer to run the USACE adCIRC coastal storm surge model.