Addison Terrace Public Housing Redevelopment

Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Addison Terrace is a multi-phase public housing redevelopment within the Hill District of Pittsburgh. Michael Baker is providing full site development services for the project and is a member of the Master Planning Team that has developed a new master plan for the overall project. The project scope is to develop up to 400 housing units on approximately 40 acres of hilly to steeply sloped terrain and in the adjacent neighborhood as infill housing. The project will redevelop the oldest remaining public housing site with a new mixed use development that will accommodate commercial and residential uses. The plans will completely demolish the existing development including public and private infrastructure and redevelop the entire street grid and public infrastructure. The new development will re-establish the regular street network that exists adjacent to the site with new streets, utility lines and other public infrastructure. Additionally, Michael Baker will provide all private site development design from initial site preparation through site improvements for all of the new housing units.

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