Taft Redevelopment Plan

Location: Lincoln City, OR

Michael Baker International developed a community-based revitalization plan and implementation strategy for the one of the City’s many beach districts. Through each step of the planning process, a concerted effort was made to include the community and youth by incorporating unique and meaningful public participation opportunities, including district bike rides, community walks, a youth logo contest, public workshops, and a hands-on design charrette. The location of a state highway and numerous environmental assets resulted in a close and successful relationship between the project team and the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) and the Department of Land Conservation and Development (DLCD). A complex set of physical, environmental, economic, and social issues were addressed in the plan for the bayfront community, including traffic and circulation, downtown redevelopment, streetscape and urban design, beach access, wetland preservation, and housing. Each step of the way, the community was involved in identifying and evaluating opportunities, constraints, and alternatives. With tremendous community support, the Taft Redevelopment Plan was formally embraced by the City Council almost immediately and implementation began at a rapid pace.

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