Joint Base Installation Development Plan

Location: Joint Base-McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, NJ

MIchael Baker International's work on the 2005 Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) legislation directed the establishment of 12 joint bases. Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst (JB MDL) is the nation’s first and only tri-service joint base. Spanning more than 20 miles and more than 42,000 contiguous acres, JB MDL is located in two of the largest counties of New Jersey (Burlington and Ocean) and falls within nine local municipalities. The Installation Development Plan (IDP) is the result of an extensive, coordinated, base-wide effort between the Air Force, Army, Navy, mission partners, and the local community. The document provides decision makers a systematic, flexible planning framework for the sustainable physical development of JB MDL and promotes planning coordination between agencies and coordinated response actions to local community issues, such as encroachment. The IDP supports the strategic visions for the Department of Defense, Air Force, and A7C (Air Force Civil Engineer), as well as Air Mobility Command (Major Command), and JB MDL. The IDP is a comprehensive roadmap to guide the future development of JB MDL; it is a plan for promoting excellence and efficiency. The IDP was developed using an inclusive, multidisciplinary planning methodology involving more than 100 units/organization stakeholders from the Joint Base and supported commands, the regional community, and higher headquarters. Visioning sessions were the opportunity to build consensus on the direction of the future development of the base. The result acted as a guide for the IDP decision-making process and created an environment in which stakeholders could understand and discuss strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to JB MDL. More than 30 visioning sessions, stakeholder workshops/planning charrettes, and briefings held throughout the plan development process facilitated the development of the Joint Base vision, goals and objectives, and development recommendations and decisions. The result of this comprehensive planning process was a consensus-based IDP that provides a holistic view for the future of JB MDL. Detailed Area Development Plans (ADPs) further define the IDP. This collaborative effort consolidates functions and efficiencies, while providing the flexibility for unidentified future mission requirements.

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