Corridor Vision & Mobility Plan

Location: Sonora, CA

Michael Baker International provided professional services in support of the Sonora Community Revitalization Plan, known as Vision Sonora. The project  involves physical improvements along the Highway 49 and Washington Street commercial corridors, including Historic Downtown Sonora. Michael Baker is collaborating with the Tuolumne County Transportation Council and members of the community through a Steering Committee, Advisory Committee and a robust public participation program. Funded by a grant from the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), Vision Sonora will provide a more vibrant community by directing physical improvements at the site. The plan will provide strategies and implementation tools to revitalize the local economy, promote its unique historic character, attract visitors, and improve the quality of life for Sonora residents.

Michael Baker launched an interactive website to provide a forum for community idea generation and feedback, through vendor MindMixer. Community Visioning Week provided the Sonora community with four days of opportunities to generate ideas. Visioning Week activities included workshops, walks, trolley tours, focused discussion groups, interviews, parking intercept surveys and a mixer hosted by the Chamber of Commerce. Existing conditions analysis complemented the community's ideas by studying traffic, parking, bicycle mobility, transit, historic resources, urban design and economic development.

The Vision Sonora plan recommendations include providing better multimodal circulation, encouraging pedestrian activity, improving the appearance of downtown and Sonora's primary commercial corridors, developing the visitor-based economy, and creating long-term community support and capacity to implement the vision.

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