Energy Efficiency Climate Action Plan

Location: San Gabriel Valley, CA

Michael Baker International served as the prime contractor working with the San Gabriel Valley Council of Governments (SGVCOG) to develop a regional energy efficiency framework and energy efficiency chapters of climate action plans (EECAPs) for 27 cities in the San Gabriel Valley region of Los Angeles County. SCE awarded $2.2 million to the SGVCOG to implement activities to achieve statewide energy efficiency and greenhouse gas reduction goals. Participation in this regional process maximized funding and technical resources and brought cities together to develop and implement climate change and energy efficiency policies and programs. The SGVCOG is the largest and most diverse sub-regional council of governments in Los Angeles County, California. It encompasses more than 374 square miles and has more than 2 million residents. While each community has a unique character and history, they have also many shared issues and have developed a unified voice to maximize resources, achieve sustainable solutions, and advocate for regional and member interests to improve the quality of life in the San Gabriel Valley. The project offered a unique opportunity to identify actionable policies, projects, and programs to achieve 2020 energy efficiency and greenhouse gas reduction targets. Baker prepared a Planning and Assessment Report, Best Practices Report, and Regional Framework as the initial tasks to provide a foundation and framework for the project. The Regional Framework and each EECAP identified regional solutions with opportunities for effective local implementation. Baker also led an extensive outreach program for this project, including creation of a tailored public outreach strategy and events for each participating city, including project fact sheets in seven languages, website content, online and paper surveys, workshops, open houses, mobile workshops at community events, online tools, and engagement of business stakeholders.

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