New Mexico Statewide Hazard Mitigation Plan

Location: New Mexico

Michael Baker International is currently assisting the New Mexico Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management with a FEMA-required five year update to its Statewide Hazard Mitigation Plan. The update process is scheduled to be completed in early 2018 and follows a previously successful state hazard mitigation plan update that Michael Baker assisted the State with back in 2013.

As part of Michael Baker’s current efforts, much focus is being paid to leveraging and incorporating the results of nine separate risk and vulnerability studies conducted by various State and regional entities since the 2013 plan.  The results of these studies will allow for a more detailed and accurate assessment of the risks posed by those natural hazards impacting New Mexico.  These studies will also allow Michael Baker to conduct refined loss estimation analysis so that the Plan’s resulting mitigation strategy can be accurately focused and prioritized.  Doing so will allow the state to identify specific mitigation projects to implement over the next five years, with the ultimate goal of achieving increased resiliency to future disaster events.


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