Integrating Hazard Mitigation into Local Planning: Case Studies and Tools for Community Officials

Location: FEMA

Michael Baker International was a key consultant in the development of a FEMA handbook for local hazard mitigation planning: Integrating Hazard Mitigation Into Local Planning: Case Studies and Tools for Community Officials. The document provides practical guidance on how to incorporate risk reduction strategies into existing local plans, policies, codes, and programs that guide community development or redevelopment patterns. It includes recommended steps and tools to assist with local integration efforts, along with ideas for overcoming possible impediments, and presents a series of case studies to demonstrate successful integration in practice. The document also includes several pull-out fact sheets to provide succinct guidance on specific integration topics. This resource is intended for those who are engaged in any type of local planning, but primarily community planners and emergency managers who are involved with hazard mitigation planning and implementation.

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