World Trade Center Water Intrusion Protection Plan

Location: Manhattan, NY

Michael Baker International developed a comprehensive Water Intrusion Protection Plan for the fully built World Trade Center in Manhattan, NY. The Plan is designed to protect World Trade Center facilities from water intrusion under severe coastal flood events both today and in the future. This includes, but is not limited to One World Trade Center and Towers 2, 3 & 4, the 9/11 Memorial, Pavilion, and Museum, and the Vehicular Security Center (VSC). The plan is based on a complete flood risk assessment and analysis, including thorough evaluations of site-wide and project-specific vulnerabilities, hazard mitigation strategies and improvement alternatives to provide a level of protection that permits the complex to maintain operations following a storm surge event such as Hurricane Sandy in 2012. The plan contains project-specific and site-wide achievable hazard mitigation implementation strategies and recommendations with an estimated order-of-magnitude cost for each recommendation. The plan will also take into account and provides for an evaluation of the economic feasibility of each proposed mitigation strategy, identify cost-effective mitigation strategies, and actionable steps to achieve their implementation. Mitigation strategies are being designed for implementation as either retrofit (post-construction completion) work or, where feasible, as part of ongoing or future construction. Intensive stakeholder coordination is critical to implementation. Since there are many entities on the WTC Complex, it is critical to attain input for implementation of the strategies. Michael Baker will meet with on-site and off-site stakeholders to coordinate the proposed mitigation strategies and their effect on the operations of the site and the surrounding community.

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