Active Allegheny - A Comprehensive Bicycle & Pedestrian Transportation Plan

Location: Allegheny County, PA

Michael Baker International developed a comprehensive active transportation plan, Active Allegheny, to integrate walking, biking, and other human-powered transportation modes into the county transportation system. Michael Baker's services included background research, stakeholder coordination, a facilities inventory and analysis, identification of specific improvements, public outreach, and preparation of draft and final plans. Michael Baker International developed a prioritized list of recommended transportation system improvement locations. The list classified the locations by roadway functional classification and potential use for active transportation, and identified resources for water-based human transportation, such as rowing and kayaking. Michael Baker developed a complete streets "toolbox" and policy to support for presentation to stakeholders and the public, with information regarding feasibility and potential constraints and recommendations for short-term or long-term implementation. Michael Baker prepared a draft active transportation plan based upon the results of the study. The active transportation plan includes bicycle, pedestrian, and complete-streets plans, and an action plan consisting of a prioritized list of improvements, policy and programmatic recommendations, funding sources and strategies, and public education marketing strategies for active transportation. The plan addresses the transportation needs of aging, disabled, low-income, and minority residents and children. The draft plan was posted on the public website and distributed to committee members for comment. Following the review period, Michael Baker incorporated comments into the final plan, which is posted on the project website.

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