Downtown Enumclaw Streetscape

Location: Enumclaw, WA

Michael Baker International, in association with a local engineer, public artist, and architect, was selected by the City of Enumclaw, the Enumclaw Downtown Partnership, and the Greater Enumclaw Chamber of Commerce to lead the preparation of a detailed streetscape design concept for Downtown and streetscape construction documentation for Cole Street (the community's "Main Street"). Identified as a priority project in Enumclaw's Downtown Enhancement Action Plan, the streetscape program was developed to include "value-added" infrastructure design wherein public art is integrated within the various streetscape elements (such as benches, street lights, sidewalk paving, etc.). Through this innovative approach, the streetscape program became not only a physical improvement but also an economic development tool, an expression of local history, a display of locally produced materials, and an element of great community pride. Public participation was woven throughout all dimensions of the streetscape program, yielding significant public ownership in and support for the renewed public realm in Downtown Enumclaw. The City of Enumclaw wanted to incorporate convertible streets for street-side dining purposes. However, the City was deficient in real estate to accomplish this type of amenity. The Michael Baker team created an innovative design to achieve what the City envisioned by reducing the traffic lanes and widening the sidewalks toward the street centerline. In addition, the parking stall and sidewalk were paved similarly and at the same level to give the appearance of a more spacious area. Then dining could easily overflow into the parking area. In addition, a public art program incorporated historic character in the street furniture, lighting, and pavement. The basket weave pavement and flush mounted LED display flashing Salish Indian weave patterns including dragonfly, spider web, and mountain designs, along with benches constructed to emulate the V-shaped mining flume are a few of the implemented conceptual design elements.

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