Miles Avenue Streetscape

Location: Indio, CA

The Redevelopment Agency (RDA) of the City of Indio is undertaking a major reconstruction effort with their proposed Revitalization of the Downtown Core area consisting of 64 acres. With a large ownership stake within the Downtown area the RDA has a strong desire to promote new business and high density housing developments which will revitalize the area. The RDA turned to Michael Baker International to provide planning, streetscape design, landscape architecture, engineering, and construction management services for the overall Downtown Redevelopment Area. Early on in the project development process, city staff was extremely interested in providing a “showcase” segment that would highlight the proposed redevelopment concept. This showcase segment turned out to be Miles Avenue and Towne Street, immediately in the heart of the existing downtown commercial district. The streetscape concept plan reconfigured Miles Avenue from a one-way street back to a two-way street, converted vehicle alley ways to pedestrian linkages to nearby parking lots, provided traffic calming on Miles Avenue and Towne Street, and maximized the ADA compliant sidewalk area. The concept plan was then utilized by RDA staff to gain consensus of City Management as well as the local business owners. Michael Baker also worked with the City Arts Committee to develop a plan to incorporate art into the downtown streetscape. The urban streetscape design amenities included benches, decorative lighting, drinking fountains, decorative trash receptacles, enhanced sidewalks and intersection crosswalks, decorative walls, a mix of dramatic date palms and shade trees, and low-water use shrubs and groundcovers.

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