Pedestrian Plaza

Location: Winchester, VA

The pedestrian mall improvement project involved renewing all of the existing underground public utilities and infrastructure which was old and failing and updating the streetscape to ensure that both commercial and residential developments on the Mall will thrive and grow. The project included the planning and detail design for the replacement of underground utilities including 1,300 linear feet of 8-inch water line, 1,600 linear feet of 8-inch sanitary sewer, 2,500 linear feet of 24-inch circular and 30- by 24-inch storm sewer, as well as natural gas lines and electrical distribution lines in historic Old Town Winchester. Since the entire Mall needed to be disrupted and excavated to replace the underground utilities, the City took this opportunity to also complete an overall streetscape design of the pedestrian mall to include decorative lighting, street pavers, trees and planters, decorative entrance gates, a splash pad water feature fountain, and an automated self-cleaning public restroom facility. The project area is an economic focal point for the city and an attractive destination to tourists and retail shoppers. Major festivals and activities are held along the pedestrian mall throughout the year, which required lessening the disruption of mall activities and minimizing the impact on the public domain. A comprehensive public outreach program was developed to solicit public input and balance desired visual appearance with design requirements. Visual aids and 3-D model animation presentations were used for public meetings. Constant communication and coordination with all property owners was required and achieved.

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