Soka University

Location: Aliso Viejo, CA

Michael Baker International provided civil engineering services for the development of the approximately 100 acre Soka University site. The university is an internationally recognized, private, non-profit liberal arts college and graduate school.

Project elements included land use planning, preparation of an area plan, site plan, and vesting tentative map for project entitlement and processing with the County of Orange. Michael Baker was retained as campus civil engineer for the design of grading and improvement plans for the entire university infrastructure. The unique grading design for campus buildings used an Italian hillside terrace theme that required construction of buildings on a five-to-one slope. All parking lots are located on the campus perimeter and graded below adjacent street levels to provide a view from the campus that focuses on surrounding open space rather than the parking lots. A 24-foot retaining wall was designed as part of the campus perimeter with a special mat foundation design to serve as the footing for the wall, while supporting a cooling tower, an essential component of the Campus’ chilled water systems.

The Soka University Performing Arts Center and Academic building received LEED Gold certification in 2011.

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