East Salitrillo Creek Restoration

Location: Converse, TX

The East Salitrillo Creek Restoration pilot project at the Judson High School site was a demonstration project with the goal of using natural channel design techniques to maximize educational opportunities while improving geomorphic stability, biological integrity, and water quality.  Michael Baker International provided an assessment of existing site conditions, including a base map survey and mapping; development of mini-regional curves including data from local United States Geological Survey gage sites and reference reaches; and natural channel design for approximately 1,288 linear feet of creek. Michael Baker performed a site assessment and constraints analysis of the project area that included a watershed characterization of the drainage areas, historical land use, development trends, geologic setting, soil types, terrestrial plant communities, and hydrology models.  Michael Baker identified and assessed project constraints and risks, including utilities, hydrologic trespass, impacts to floodplains, and the presence of threatened and endangered species habitat. Additionally, Michael Baker oversaw an existing conditions survey and developed a detailed topographic survey of the existing stream channel, floodplain, and other riparian features (such as large trees) from the survey data.  Michael Baker also collected bed material samples to complete sediment transport competency calculations. The samples were analyzed to classify the stream and assess the channel's stage and functional deficits. Michael Baker prepared the required permits for the project, including a Section 404/401 permit application package for a Nationwide Permit with appropriate supporting documentation for submittal to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and a stormwater pollution prevention plan in compliance with Section 402 of the Clean Water Act and Chapter 26 of the Texas Water Code. Michael Baker also prepared a conditional letter of map revision (CLOMR) for the project.  The CLOMR package included completion of all required forms, a project narrative, finalized hydraulic modeling, a work map with revised floodplain and floodway boundaries, an annotated fire insurance rate map, and final plan set. During the construction phase, Michael Baker was tasked with overseeing conformance with plans and specifications, provided guidance to the contractor regarding structure installation, and performed on-site design modifications as needed.

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