Santa Paula Creek Watershed

Location: Santa Paula, CA

Michael Baker International provided the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and the Santa Paula Creek Fish Ladder Authority with a watershed assessment and feasibility study to develop comprehensive recommendations for restoration of fish passage and stabilization of the main stem of Santa Paula Creek while maintaining existing water diversion rights. Michael Baker International provided hydrologic and hydraulic engineering modeling, habitat evaluations, development of potential project alternatives, and preparation of a watershed planning study. Michael Baker International collaborated with Stillwater Sciences to provide a detailed, watershed-scale geomorphic and habitat assessment as background to design of improved fish passage and diversion facilities, as well as focused studies of O. mykiss behavior, habitat, and population to support the provision of adequate passage and expand upon knowledge gained in previous studies. The geomorphic assessment of the watershed and creek included providing an understanding of hill-slope geomorphic processes and resulting sediment supply, sediment transport and stream dynamics, and fluvial geomorphic processes.

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