Tres Rios Phase 3 Environmental Restoration

Location: Maricopa County, AZ

Michael Baker International, JE Fuller, and J2 Design, as part of the Genterra Consultants, Inc. team provided civil engineering support to the Los Angeles Division of the South Pacific Division for a $5,000,000 IDIQ contract over five years. The following presents a brief summary of the Tres Rios project completed for a specific Task Order. This project included the preparation of design and contract documents for construction of Phase 3 of the Tres Rios ecosystem restoration project. The team completed a DDR for the final design features, and produced civil and landscape plans and specifications using SpecsIntact, and cost estimates in MII. The project extends 5.2 miles along the Gila and Salt Rivers from upstream of the Salt River confluence downstream to the confluence with the Agua Fria River. The project included the restoration of critical riparian and wetland habitats that have been lost in the area. The project will improve over 500 acres of cottonwood/willow/riparian corridors and open water/wetland marshes along the river. The project team completed significant revisions to the recommended alternative in the feasibility study due to right-of-way constraints that prevented construction of the recommended improvements. All work involved in the revised design of the alternative was completed without impacts to the project schedule. The project was completed on time and under budget.

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