Prado Dam Outlet Works

Location: Riverside County, CA

Michael Baker International prepared final plans, specifications and estimate for the Prado Dam Outlet Works for the Los Angeles District, Army Corps of Engineers (USACE). This civil works project has an estimated construction cost of $68 million and is part of the Santa Ana River Mainstem Flood Control Project. The engineering improvements raised the top of the dam by approximately 28 feet to a new elevation of 594.4 feet. The project included design and construction of a new outlet works capable of releasing water at a rate of 30,000 cubic feet per second. The focal point of the outlet works includes a regulating intake structure and access tower. The structure consists of six intake conduits, a gate room, maintenance deck, and an 80-foot high cylindrical access tower and control room, accessible from the earth embankment via a three span 223-foot-long tower access bridge. The facility required a sophisticated seismic structural analysis, in accordance with U.S. Army Corps of Engineers design criteria, and resulted in unique construction and design features. Michael Baker International provided construction support services to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers throughout the construction process. As part of the civil design review of construction for Prado Dam, Michael Baker International’s survey team provided laser scanning of the constructed stilling basin. Point cloud data was used to quality control check the as-built concrete grades. In connection with the project, Michael Baker International provided design services for relocation of the SARI line upstream of the dam, issued under separate contract with USACE (SAWPA Sewer).

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