Chino I Desalter Expansion and Chino II Desalter Projects


Location: Chino, CA

Michael Baker International provided engineering, planning, and design services to the Chino Basin Desalter Authority (CDA) to expand their existing groundwater supply system. The project included evaluation of existing wells, a reverse osmosis water treatment plant, storage reservoir, pump station, and transmission pipelines. Michael Baker International prepared a detailed feasibility report that evaluated multiple project alternatives, including capital and O&M costs. This report became the basis for CDA’s selection of a preferred alternative that was advanced to the design phase. Michael Baker International then prepared preliminary and final design documents for the entire $110 million program, which included expansion of the Chino I Desalter, design of the new Chino II Desalter, design of eleven new groundwater wells, and design of water distribution facilities that included pump stations, pipelines, and turn-out facilities. The new and expanded desalters remove nitrate and salts from the degraded groundwater basin and provide potable water to cities and agencies in the southwesterly region of California.

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