I-15 NOW


Location: Ogden, Utah

I-15 is a major north-south roadway connecting California, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, and Montana. In addition to serving as a national transportation corridor, I‑15 is the only major north-south road for high-speed travel within Utah. The 9.5-mile Interstate 15 New Ogden Weber (I‑15 NOW) reconstruction and widening project provided fast and effective delivery of upgrades.

The key challenges to rapid development were cost effectiveness, accommodating multimodal transportation options, and minimizing disruption to traffic and adjacent rail operations.

Michael Baker International served as the prime design-build engineer for the project, which included mainline widening by one lane in each direction (north and south); 24 bridge replacements; five interchanges; a Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) bridge crossing; a Utah Transit Authority (UTA) Commuter Rail bridge crossing; culvert and siphon extensions/replacements; roadway drainage, noise walls, and bike/pedestrian trails; maintenance of traffic (MOT) during construction; and local roadway modifications. The project replaced seven sets of mainline interstate sister bridges, two arterial bridges, and two box culverts. Two new pre-stressed girder and steel girder bridges were designed and constructed, and three bridges were rehabilitated. Bridges crossed rivers, canals, railroad lines, and arterial streets.

As the lead consultant, Michael Baker provided roadway, bridge, and structure design; developed drainage and MOT plans; and managed subconsultants. Michael Baker also provided post-design services, including support for field design changes, temporary shoring and formwork design and review, site visits as required, and general engineering support for construction.

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