iWATR® integrated Watershed Assessment Tool for Restoration


Location: Nationwide

Michael Baker International has developed an innovative approach to watershed restoration and water quality improvement that integrates identification of optimal BMP retrofit locations that are the most cost effective, constructible, maintainable, and have the highest water quality benefit addressing existing receiving water impairments. iWATR®, integrated Watershed Assessment Tool for Restoration, is a first-of-its-kind iOS mobile application and website available nationwide, to allow municipalities, developers and others interested in watershed restoration and water quality improvement to perform a comprehensive water quality assessment at identified locations, for a variety of land uses. iWATR® is a planning tool to assist MS4 agencies, planners, developers, and, ultimately anyone interested in retrofitting existing development with BMPs or developing or redeveloping land, with concepts during the planning, design, and construction phases to implement BMPs, thus improving water quality. iWATR® integrates National data, collected from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and other sources, with the expertise of Michael Baker International to analyze a watershed, identify the opportunities and constraints, integrate BMP needs, and provide design concepts.

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